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“A Day With The Devil” — A Poem by Oluwaleye Adedoyin

I journeyed to hell
Now I’m back leaving the devil behind.
I went through the doors of pain,
I opened the gate of agony,
I saw Satan in black.

I dined with him.
We ate from the same plate made of grief
We were lovers,
He gave me a home
I found a family in hell.

Lucifer taught me many things,
I was his favorite student.
The prince of the darkness showed me the light of a broken heart
It was stunning and beautiful
Far beyond the ones I’ve seen.

He showed me the antidote for distress
But I rejected it.
I love this mood
Let it stay forever
Let me mourn the love that exist only in hell.

He was happy
He called me his replica;
I was happy to be an agent.
I swam in the ocean of hatred,
I thought life couldn’t be sweeter than the one I was living.

I woke up from my bed made of discomfort
And decided to go back home
He wouldn’t allow me
But I had to sacrifice my skin
I left with scars!

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