Hail to the Queens

Salute to all those women
Who stood up and ruled among men.
Heads held high despite the scorn
And belief that a female could not atone

Hail to you, oh queens,
Who put the chauvinists to chains,
Confirming all their sentiments vain,
That a female could not among men roost.
Salute to the Queen of England,
Who scattered her men yonder
To scatter kingdoms asunder,
That were blinded by horrendous rules
That a female’s voice
Was equated to clatter
And did not at all matter

Then came the queen’s armies,
Quickly taking over the chauvinists home,
Leaving his head dropping in shame

Hail to you women of iron,
Who stand tall like gazelles,
Playing mother and father,
Acting provider and teacher
Ruling over your households,
Where the men have back held
Salute to all the ladies,
working like hardies
Pushing hard on that knob,
Taking on every job
In this male-dominated world

Hail ye, dear mother
For your tears have wet the earth
As your eyes searched further
For a life that was to us tender

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