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Mma never liked the idea of getting married to Mr. Richard. She was still very much young and was yet to complete her secondary education.

Her parents, Mr. and Mrs Akada were very poor, as they could barely boast of getting a three-square meal, a day, coupled with the fact that they had to train their only daughter and child in school.

Life was too hard on them, so they were left with no choice but to succumb to Mr. Richard’s proposal; he had promised them heaven on earth.
They were forced to act contrary to their wishes due to the harsh torments from life itself.

Mma sat at the back of their old, dilapidated mud house, crying and praying for a miracle; she had no choice but to marry Mr. Richard, else she leaves the house.

Days turned to weeks, and weeks to months—it was time to tie the knot.
Mma came with her relatives, dressed gorgeously in a vanilla white robe with a pink tassel tied beautifully around her waist; she was ready for the marriage.

Music filled the air, people from all parts of the village graced the event. They were waiting ernestly for the couple as they danced their hearts out. Joy and laughter filled the air.

However, all of that was brought to a halt, as the MC, Mazi Ekwi came and announced that the marriage had been cancelled!

Pandemonium broke loose as every man spoke and reacted differently all at the same time. The music had been countered by the increasing noise from the crowd.

Mma too, was shocked as she never knew about any of such. She had to go in and see for herself.

“What is happening here?” she queried.

No one answered her. She noticed the presence of a doctor and he was the first to speak, “I am sorry ma’am, but your supposed husband has been tested and it has been confirmed that he is a carrier of the disease COVID-19. I don’t think he would survive it. Henceforth, he shall be isolated, till the day of his death. You just have to take heart.”

Mma was speechless; she had mixed feelings. Had God answered her prayers? Was she affected too? Was it a sorrowful or joyful news? What should she do now?

That can only be discovered when she wakes up from coma.

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