Ecstasy of Doom

Brimstone dancing on the ocean
Ocean enjoying the ecstasy of death
With smiles hiding behind its shadows
Playing hide and seek on its face

Weather accommodates summer
Winter dribbling spring
The sky’s tears festoon with fire
Pouring on the Earth, yet laughter exhibit its skills on her face

The harshness of the sun in collaboration
With the moon’s birth an eclipse
The stars coming out to play in daylight
Even the corona spreads all over the sky

Day and Night mate at twilight
Making a beautifully sophisticated baby
The beauty of doom called the Darklight
All creatures boom with stale joy

Care carelessly cried comically
Creating cruel colossal crux
Even space, spaced space for fully filled void

The Earth cries with joy of a new born
Named the Litdrosphere
Unifyier of Atlantis and Litosphere
Oh! Yes
Ecstacy of Doom camps the Earth

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