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Why won’t you be childless? After all, you cry all night because you’re barren. You turned prayer warrior in a twinkle of an eye, because of your present situation. Even before you got married, you’ve always formed slay queen. “Slay queen no dey go church, we go to parte after parte.”

I greet you oo. Hottest bae, sexy mama, high class lady. You deal with the lastest designs. Cheap things no dey your dictionary. I hail oo, chopping money. Now you are running to the same church you seem not to be interested in, because problem don jam u, abi?

The young maid that does all the chores for you in your house. How did you treat her? You called her all sorts of names, you maltreated her. Just because she was an orphan, despite the fact she told you how she lost her parents in a fatal accident. She was the only child of her parents. She told you how her friends and relatives abandoned her after the death of her parents; how she slept under the bridges in Lagos, raped by five different men and how she aborted two pregnancies as a result of rape.

She was even loyal and humble to you. She never stole anything from you. She appreciated the fact that you took her in. At least she now has shelter despite all your wickedness to her.
Yet you still had the mind to maltreat her? Treated her like trash. Sometimes you would say to her, “I picked you from the dustbin, you bastard.” She would cry and bear the pains and insults. Only because she needed food and shelter. She was tired of being raped, tired of sleeping on the street. She thought she had found peace of mind in your home, but it turned out the opposite.

Your attitude almost pushed her to commit suicide but because she was God-fearing and she had a good heart, she said to herself, “So far there is life, there is still hope. My God will not fail me.”

Do you think God will not bless her despite all the things you made her go through? In spite of the ones she had passed through before coming to your place, she still had hope on God.

After many years of staying in your lion’s den. She met Wisdom, a God-sent who fell in love with her and came to ask for her hand in marriage. She even introduced you to him as her ‘Mother’.

They got married and travelled abroad. She sends you money almost every week. Now you are feeling guilty. She took in and after nine months she gave birth to a set of twins (a boy and a girl). Se o ti ri pe aye e ti baje?

After many years of marriage you couldn’t conceive because of your wickedness. You think God is not watching, abi? Now you are binding the devil and you are blaming the devil for your misfortunes.

God even tried to bless you with a good husband, that had hope on God for a child but you were so foolish and full of yourself because you had money. You have now turned into a prayer warrior. Mary, mother of Jesus, good Samaritan. You are now asking God: “Where are you?” God is up there watching.

I even pray to Him to bless you with a child. That’s even if He will, because He is a merciful God, but remember, He is also a consuming fire. He can decide not to give you a child.

Learn how to treat your fellow human being well. Don’t discriminate. Don’t be self-centered. You don’t know how your tomorrow will be. You don’t know who will be your helper tomorrow. Do things in a good way. Do to others what you like should be done to you.

And for you, who suffers things like this don’t lose hope on God.

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