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I Be Citizen

My name na Mama Rashida
I be citizen of one country like that,
wey dem talk say na him be de Giant of Africa.
I wan knack you beta tori.
But first you go promise me say
You no go tell any pesin?
Ehe! Oya tanda your ear for
ground make you hear tori wey
concern dat my country:
for Africa na we plenty pass.
E no get anything wey we no get.
If na money?
We get am.
If na mineral resources?
We get am.
If na people wey go school?
We get dem plenti plenti,
but de problem wey dey dere be say:
people wey go school no dey smell
government seat at all at all
Na only old papa dem dey rule us.
Election for my country na every
four four years.
We get thousand political parties,
but na only two strong pass.
We no dey change government at all.
Na only person wey old pass
dey win election,
others na boi boi work dem dey do,
you know why? Because dem dey too
lazy to do any government work.
For my country,
na for beer parlour dem
dey do we country budget.
We get plenti plenti
sectors wey dey work well well.
We get NEPA,
dem work na to dey bring light,
but dem no dey bring am till
e reach the time wey you go pay bill.
We get anoda beta one,
dat one na health sector,
dem work dey simple,
na only paracetamol dem
dey use treat any kin sickness wey person get.
Another sector na de police force.
Dem work na to catch thief,
but if you be thief wey get money,
dat means you no get any wahala be dat.
E get another sector wey I don
Forget dem name, dem dey wear
Khaki cloth and dem get license to shoot,
Any time wey you misbehave,
dem go wire you koboko for head fiam!
And force you to drink shit water.
For my country we no
dey complain at all,
if you complain,
You don kpai be dat,
so e beta make you
dey suffer dey smile.
I still get plenti plenti more tori to knack you,
But wait first make I sell
my pepper.

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