• Photo of Reversed Paradigm

    Reversed Paradigm

    The tide of slavery rises as freedom is but a myth. Minds groan in perplexity as acts swell in complexity. The days of words are over as actions reign supreme.…

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  • Photo of Blood Money

    Blood Money

    Human blood is all the need Human life is the precious seedThey slice their throat and proclaim their creed Whilst their prey’s soul yearns to be freed They flash their…

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  • Photo of The Media

    The Media

    I though it was a place meant for my academia where I would get articles from an encyclopedia or probably even watch stuffs on its multimedia or even call my…

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  • Photo of Oh, Black Africa

    Oh, Black Africa

    “Meow” the black cat cried in pain She have given birth to 50 other black cats, that’s the gain Her children are united and thriving Feeding each other with milk…

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  • Photo of Our Agreement

    Our Agreement

    Our agreement is again bridged; All the promises abridged like a broken bridge. We are not taking this from them, We don’t care about student’s feelings or them. The language…

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  • Photo of Let Us Pray

    Let Us Pray

    For the many nameless heroes who gave us an identity, Those whose blood was the price spilled in utter cruelty, Founding fathers denied their rightful longevity, In passionate quest for…

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  • Photo of Open The Doors

    Open The Doors

    These parasites won’t be satisfied at first created from mud and spam The nasty of eternity enriched with all beyond all others Render cater air and water for zillion diamond…

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  • Photo of Hate Speech

    Hate Speech

    You beat a child and he cries you beat him again because he cried You have placed coals on our throat and you have burnt the truth your ears are…

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  • Photo of War


    When we were young, we thought it cool Till we saw people lie in pools Of blood, still things would not improve Men killing other men and blaming it On…

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  • Photo of Men Don’t Cry

    Men Don’t Cry

    I see men try to hide The man in their hood and Pull out of their emotions Like ‘seamen and the hole story’. ‘Men don’t cry!’ — A type of…

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  • Photo of Voiceless Asshole on Corona

    Voiceless Asshole on Corona

    Flawless is the future The present is a glimpse of the future Frequency without radial An engine without efficiency Producing an echo without a trace In the realm of corona…

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  • Photo of Burning Blue Ball

    Burning Blue Ball

    Intergalactic combustion, the earth is on fire. Emitting radiant heat, with no coolant found. “It is greenhouse,” said nature’s freak. “I’m filled with carbon dioxide” the environment finally speaks. Raped…

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  • Photo of Terror’s Edge

    Terror’s Edge

    The authoritative allocation of value is politics. Even democrats fails when the wise doesn’t choose their antics, “We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before police”…

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  • Photo of Nigeria


    The sun shines in the mountain The night is far away The cool breeze of the harmattan is all I feel Ink your thought, I thought Inking my thoughts seems…

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  • Photo of Eight Years A Slave

    Eight Years A Slave

    Again, What have I gained? Trust has since been thrust, Love has passed the baton to lust. I married So I won’t be called a marred reed. All my other…

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  • Photo of Ocean’s Tears

    Ocean’s Tears

    Every axe that kisses death unto a tree Makes the Mother Earth cry out Every plant that smokes the sky Chases our oxygen away Every paper I pen Whispers “I’m…

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  • Photo of African Time

    African Time

    Tick! Tick! Tick! The sound of the clock constantly chiming Moving in clockwise direction Time, they say, waits for no one Time, they say, is money and vice versa Time:…

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  • Photo of Tale of a Nigerian Student

    Tale of a Nigerian Student

    I am schooled Not because I am in this building Called school But because school Keeps showing me It’s cool and look before you leap side. It was from distance…

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  • Photo of Welcome to UNIZIK (Okofia) (Part 1)

    Welcome to UNIZIK (Okofia) (Part 1)

    Welcome to Unizik! A place where I wish I had never been to Where we think we’re free but we’re in a nick The only place you can be happy…

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  • Photo of De Heat No Be Here O

    De Heat No Be Here O

    As e dey hot de weda don dada. Pesin no fit wear cloth wey plenti pass agbada. E be say fan dey blow but na beta heat dey flow. Pesin…

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