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Don’t read if you do get easily scared 🔞
I repeat: don’t go through this if your heart is not strong.


Everything I will say today shall be but true, but remember I told you not to read, this blame won’t be on me. Oh, it too late now, you can’t afford to stop, if you do, I’m sorry, you will never have that grace to tell the story.

I’m in great discomfort now, my stupid friend here has caused me this severe uneasiness and I’m putting the whole blame on him. I will tell you just like he had narrated to me, yes, I will tell you everything.

There’s this supernatural spirit called Dandulu in their household, a villainous spirit they pay homage to annually by sacrificing two lambs and five distinct birds.His parents had intentionally skipped that of last year. And today, the supernatural Dandulu paid his parents a deadly visit.

Dandulu is said to have this unique way of knocking at the door before striking, the father opened the door expecting a visitor but all he got was a machete strike on the head from an unseen being, he then was severely butchered like a butcher’s plate of beef, his intestines were purged out haphazardly. The mum’s neck, arms and thighs were evilly chopped off in seconds too.

My friend, as he told me was in the bedroom. Coming to the living room he saw how unfavourably his parents had been chopped, after crying and wailing for hours he picked up his cell phone and called his uncle and aunt and explained all that had happened. Few minutes later his phone ranged and all he heard was, “Hello, your uncle has been severely butchered, we heard a knock on his door and the next we heard was agonized screams.”

With just a singlet and a short on him, he ran hastily and weirdly to his aunt’s house, he met the door widely opened, the first he would see was an eye, lying lifelessly on the tiles, at his right hand side was her aunt’s eyeless chopped head not glued to her blood-streaming body.

“My aunt is dead!” he screamed awfully. He speedily ran out to my place. Here he is breathing uncontrollably. He told me Dandulu will definitely come for anyone who had heard anything about her.

Someone has been knocking at my door for hours now, I know it Dandulu, I’m expecting my last hours anytime from now, since the knock is becoming more thunderous, this might be the last I would ever type.

And I am so sorry I told you about Dandulu, she will certainly come for you too. If you should hear any persistent knock on your door, give it no second thought, it the mysterious Dandulu.

And don’t tell this to your love ones please. Dandulu will come for them if you should.

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