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Alive but Dead

I act like I have no fear,
Even when all my courage is gone.
I pretend like I don’t care,
Even as I continually get shit on.

My confidence you constantly tear,
Our time together feels like a con.
Ridicule—the garment you make me wear,
Your words kill faster than a gun.

Your absence—I always want to hear,
Your presence makes me mourn.
With you, my misery reaches the highest gear,
Your shadow darkens my sun.

Each time you take me from the rear,
I weep till you are done.
You don’t care if your wish is what I want, dear,
And so your touch makes my skin burn.

How much longer do I have to bear?
My existence has no colour; not even one.
Even in a time as dark as this; marrying you was the worst part of my year,
A reason to live, I’ve got none.

Echoes of the great beyond fill my ear,
Alive but dead, my heart weighs a ton.
The peace of death pulls me near,
I welcome it; there’s no need to run.

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