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Fiction of Love

You encroached into my heart
And cursed commotion to my feelings
I thought I could fight it
But no! I was defeated

You intruded my dreams
And made my hearth goo
When my heart breaks, you are the glue
Surely, you made it whole again.

You’re my first,
And in your heart, I must invest.
I want your soul, can I get an interest?
I’ll not fail, try and give me a test.
You’re rare, believe me, you’re the best.
My life, you’re my zest.

I see your beauty shining,
I see your body dazzling,
My heart, you’re encroaching,
My world, you’re intruding,
Your face, I’m beholding.
Thou art got a beauty so disturbing,
my soul, you’ve taken,
In everything, you’re amazing.
My love for you will be everlasting,
Even when it hurt, I love the feeling,
This is a moment I’m seizing,
Appreciating every wound you’re healing,
And for the love you’re showing.

Though you only exist in my imagination
I’ll take the emotion.

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