Fatherly Father


Heaven saw my pain,
And dropped me right in front of his gate.
Heaven knew I’d crave
For a great man with such grace
He knoweth all that comes from my within
He never ceases to fill the holes that would deprive me of my sleep
He was my great warrior
My hero and savior.

I’ve come this far under his watch
My fatherly fatherโ€”giver of joy
If there is anything I’ve cherished so far in life
It would be that man who unshakenly stood by my side
My happiness was his priority
My pain he never took with levity
My smiles meant a thousand things to him
And my pain dealt with him great anguish.

Indeed, he is a fatherly father!
The best I’ve come across so far
Words alone can’t convey what I’m trying to decipher
But, all I expressed here is the fact.

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