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Trauma in My Head

“You could have saved me…”
“Why did it choose you?”
Every night,
those words haunt my dreams.

It hits me,
as I try to grasp a semblance,
to find some comfort in this world.
But there is none for a small child.

I only wanted to make a difference.
I wanted others to see,
to realise that nothing is impossible
if you have detrmination and will.

But the truth is,
an innocent wish
brought upon pain I never wanted.

Why did Swag have to die?
Why did Rovie choose to go after his former master?
Why did Rosie have to leave?
Why…. why am I all alone?

Pain swirls,
loneliness engulfs,
and I’m left here,
sobbing my eyes out in the moonlight.

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