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“One Time Girl” — A Poem by Nelson Dominic Ikpendu

I told you I wasn’t ready for a tango
Yet you put out your hands
Pleading from every angle
Whilst kneeling on the sand.

While we danced, you offered to kiss
Now in my weakness, I’ll not miss
For in your curves heaven dwells.
You casted your spell well.

I told you I only came to relax at the beach
But you saw me within your reach;
As one you would share bountiful memories with.
That was your mistake, Smith.

Your words are like a persistent burglar
Trying to pick the locks guarding my heart
You turned yourself into an archer
Shooting shots that had no impact.

We had pleasure all through the night
Now I’m gone and out of sight.
I wish you can understand
That I was only a girl on a night stand.

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