Prose Poetry

A Little Girl’s Smile

What can be compared to the smile of a little girl? Her innocent face is all you need to lighten up your day. Beautiful is her name and the world brightens up with just a smile from her. When she is happy, her face lights up and even her eyes joins in her joy.

Which smile can compared to the innocent smile of a little girl? For it chases all sorrows away, wiping the frowns away from the eyes of the kind. With excitement in her eyes and thoughts on her young mind firing up that excited feeling, brings out the glorious glow in her. Nothing can be compared to it. Her being childlike and carefree is an attitude that the old envy but cannot return to. When my little girl smiles, every part of her body smiles with her, every muscle on her small body testifies to it. I wish I had a smile like that of a little girl.

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