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The Poisonous Thief

It was on a Thursday day evening. I remember what I cooked, it was semo; we had vegetables left so we took the semo with the vegetables. After cooking, we ate and everyone went to bed. At exactly 2am Friday morning, I heard a sound, I woke up and wanted to be sure where the sound was coming from.

After listening for a while there was no sound again, so I lay my head back on the bad. The next sound I heard was in our room. Thief! Not thief, thieves! They were three men.

We were three girls in the room that night. In that whole building we had two men. One elderly man and the other one was a boy. The thieves entered and they started requesting for money. “Where is our money?” they kept shouting. Where I was that day? I can’t remember what took me to the door that night. When they came in, they took hold of the elderly woman with us, slapped her. She screamed and started to call the name of Jesus. I was beside her when the beatings started.

I was scared. I ran away from her side and went to the side of my bed, knelt down and covered my head with my wrapper. I was muttering Jesus’ name under my breath. I couldn’t think straight. At this point, they faced Fiyin (the third lady) to give them money. She said, “I only have N500,” she opened her purse and showed them, they collected it. Those guys were not seeing what they were doing well that night, they went out.

Immediately, Fiyin and I quickly ran to the door and tried to lock it, unfortunately, they had removed all the door locks. They entered again, this time around, with a torch light in their hands. They took away Fiyin sister’s laptop took all our phones too.

You see, suicide is a poisonous thief! He will creep into one’s life subtly through depression. You won’t even notice. You’ll think it’s a normal thing to be depressed. Just as the way we never read meaning to the first sound we had that night. At first, you may try to push the door against it just like Fiyin and I wanted to close the door against the thieves but they forced the door opened.

So is suicide. After it has given you a lot of reasons to be sad, then you will finally succumb and it will forcefully open the door of your mind and gain entrance. When suicide has gained its entrance, it will then start to scare you. It will blind your eyes to any good thing about yourself. You won’t think straight any more. We couldn’t think straight when those thieves came.

So is the deadly side of suicide—stealing. Suicide will steal your joy, career, prospect, purpose, faith, prayers, future, hope and finally, suicide will steal your eternal life and get away with it. It is a poisonous thief. It will poison your mind against you and everything around you and then takes your life, which is the hope of everything.

People commit suicide because they are frustrated, life seems to be hard on them and so they give in to suicide. Ah! Why suicide? It will never help the problem! It complicates it and it sealed up the hope for change or a better life. It will never give you a second chance. It is better to stay alive and work for a change than to give it up for that poisonous thief.

“Call unto me all ye that is labour and heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” says the Lord. He knew we’d have burden but he’s calling us to put it upon him and live. Nobody has the right to take his/her life. That life is God’s. Believing the lies of the heart rather than God’s truth does turn some toward suicide.

The situation may be worse but God’s promises are ever true and sure.
Jesus Christ has overcome the world with all its tribulations for us. His love extends to all men who are ready to surrender to him.

Don’t you ever allow that thief to poison your mind and take away your life? You might think it’s a gain and you’d be free. It’s a lie! Suicidal thoughts are lies to make you lose your life eternally. Life is worth living with Jesus in the boat. Don’t end your life. It will make sense after all. Keep trusting!

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