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Dare to Love-dream

I painted my imagination
Dreaming turned my admiration
To tell; I have a fantasy dream
Which glowed in another realm:

As I waited beside the gently flowing stream
Her thoughts flowed seamlessly like the stream
Till I got lost in the track of her thoughts
Then I rose and took my first steps.

Long-waited to see her without a date
Tick tock kept saying, “You have stayed late,”
Went deaf to make my heart placate
While Fate brought her when I lose faith.

Closer she drew, said hi, without thinking twice
Called her name without butterfly more than twice
Its broken the chains of the undone
But the braveness is not inborn.

Her heart is as soft as a stone I thought
But she’s like a flower that grew in a cracked pavement
Then setted the pace for a race of miles
For I saw love behind her smiles

Her beauty and sweet fragrance I admire
Her head held closely to my left chest
While she listened to my heart beat of rhythm
With romance her beautiful brunette I touched.

No blink into my eyes she looked
“Play your part I shall never let you cry”
This I heard that got me so high
Truly, at first sight love I have met

Cloud nine I was trapped in another realm
Then I got a tap to wake from the smiles I beam
At least, I fulfilled the dare to love-dream.
For hearts that couldn’t keep a lover,
Such dreams comes through when hell freezes over.

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