I Love A Boy

Mama, I love a boy,
A boy I met by the river,
He caught me when I slipped,
He was kind to help lift my pot
This boy walked me back home.
Mama, this boy is so kind,
I think I am in love.

Mama, I love Amadi,
Amadi is the boy from yesterday,
You warned me to stay away,
But he met me at the market,
He sold his fishes at the cheapest
He kissed my hand before I returned,
Mama, I really love Amadi.

Mama, I had a kiss,
Amadi kissed me at his shop,
I snuck out of the house at night,
I know it was wrong,
But my love for Amadi is strong,
Mama, forgive me for loving him.

Mama, I made a pact,
An oath to love Amadi forever,
My hands are still scarred,
Mama, is this all right?
Mama, does a covenant matter?
For Amadi seems to love another.

Mama! You warned me!
Mama, I am pregnant.
Amadi denied the child,
The pact was a lie,
The priest was his friend.
Mama! Amadi has left for the city
Mama! I should have listened to you
Mama! What do I do now?
Mama, forgive me,
For you warned me about the boys.

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