Time is Up

The clock is ticking
Oceans dehydrating
Greens turning into brown
Forests on fire
Graves opening up
World in chaos
The devil rejoicing
Time is up

The clock is ticking
Humans in hurry
Reaching out Bibles and hymns
Plagues attacking all sides
Thunder striking under the sun
Mass of sinners running up and down
The impossible happened
Time is up

The clock is ticking
Rich and paupers both in panic
Animals speaking and plants moving
Loud voice is heard from the sky
“My time has come”
In white he descends
Angels sorrounding the Messiah
Time is up

The clock is ticking
The devil himself ascends from hell
In dark attires holding a clock
Sweat baptizing humans
Sinners in mind and hearts
Wide circled eyes torching out
It’s him! The devil
Time is up

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