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Light Up

It was one Saturday evening after taking a long walk under the scorching and skin-changing sun, we said to ourselves, “Man gat have some rest.”

So like gentlemen we gallantly walked through the pathway, heading straight to Room 001. Yes, that was a renowned place cool enough to freeze your stress, and in peace, would allow you to rest your head.

We got there quite faster than I expected, but we were greeted with disappointment as the door was closed.

“Kaiii, whom have we offended?” I asked in despair.

“Anyway ,let’s go to the shop over there, “Mike my Friend said, pointing towards a big outlet with its roof covered in a suspicious manner.

I refused at first, but since we were going together I decided to trust him. In less than five minutes, we found ourselves there. As we approached the big room, I noticed he was already full of excitement when he asked, “Can’t you see the fun?”

“Look over there!” he said. As I tried to look, the less I could see. He claimed he saw fame but I insisted that what I saw was pain; he said he saw a room lighted up in beauty, but what I saw was a room darker than darkness itself.

Of course, he wasn’t slow to label me a sadist and pessimist to the core. Which one concern me? Just like David, I encouraged myself as I opened the door.

Inside, he raised his voice to reach the sales attendant. “Bar man! Bar man!”
he called.

“You’re welcome, sirs,” a young lad of about my younger brother’s said with a politeness.

“Thank you. Please we want some cold water, at least for now,” Mike ordered.

Just like a flash the boy returned with the waters. After taking some, we decided to relax for a while until Mike said, “Sorry, I just have to go.”

“Ah!” I exclaimed in fear. “Why now? What happened? Who called you?” I tried to ask a lot of JAMB questions in a second.

“I just have to attend to an emergency now,” he said. “I will return in some hours’ time,” he added.

“What do I have to do?” I sighed in relief. At least he would come back soon. After all, I couldn’t go with him because he was going to meet his boss.

The place was totally strange to me, almost everything there irritated me, yet I couldn’t leave. “That kind thing,” just like a native fowl properly drenched in the rain, that was how I bowed my head in shame with my heart beating fast in fear.

The music, which was a source of noise to me continued in the background until that dreaded hour when a loud shout was heard from the backyard.

Suddenly, all the stage lights went off with everyone panicking in fear. I thought that was the worst until a great shaking occurred. What can this be? I asked myself thinking no one else will hear.

Kpaaaaa! That was the sound of the slap that landed on my head as the a deep, masculine voice ordered, “Get ready for you’re next in line”

Well, I knew it wasn’t a church service, so I never thought of saying amen. As I continued to ponder on what had just happened and the sudden pain in my head as a result of the slap, all I could feel were tears escaping from my eyes.

I raised my head and saw men being exchanged for money, destinies compromised because of filthy luxuries, and that was how their freedom was replaced with the enticing chains of oppression.

Yes, just like people bewitched, that was how able-bodied men stood up from their seats and with an open arm gladly embraced this new package of deceit.

“Ah! What a set up!” I exclaimed. We came here searching for a place to rest our heads, not knowing that the pioneers here were more than ready to take our heads.

Suddenly, I became as calm as a dove. What would I do now?

All I heard was, “Light up and explore.” That sounds like German in my ears, I couldn’t get the meaning. The words came again, “Light up and explore.”

Suddenly, something stirred within me and I boldly asked, “How?”

I couldn’t do what was asked, not when I was still in outer darkness, whose ground is littered with the bodies of the dead

Yes, words came again, “Arise from the dead and I will give you light.”

So I staggered to get myself up on my feet, and the monster whom they called the Master approached me. Though he was fully armed, I said to myself that didn’t matter since I have the Alpha.

As he drew closer I realized I had no physical sword to fight but not to worry I’ve got the one sharper than two edged sword. Yes, that’s the Word.

As expected, looking at me with his shoulder high, he said, “My friend why are you wasting our time? You’re next to enter the bus. Don’t joke with us.”

With the consciousness of whom I have, the only thing I could say was, “Who made you a judge? I may not know the law but I know my worth. See, you’d better leave else you will count your loss.”

At the sound of that, he trembled not just because of the words, but he respected the authority and exercise of boldness in which they came forth.

Just like the days when the great warriors met their waterloo, that was how they fled for the fear of the unknown.

What are you afraid of? Who are you as a person? Do you even know whom you’ve got?

Inside you resides great potentials crying out for expression.

Don’t be timid at all. Light up and shine, for your strength has no match.

Arise, light up and explore, for you’ve got swords and not mere words.

Awake, light up and shine, for you’re not small at all….

Stand up from the ground, take your place, light up and blossom.

Take your lamp stand, make it firm in the ground. Again I say light up and explore.

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