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The Deadly Virus

“I can’t do without attending parties because I am the life of the party!” Set awon party freak, I hope you are enjoying this ban on social activities?

Thank God it’s Friday geng!” How are you doing? You can’t simply do without going to clubs every weekend as per ‘Weekend starter’. Please, how is social distancing treating you?

“By next week, I will be in Chicago and tour more 25 countries before the year runs out.” Caucus of ‘I am a traveller’. Please I don’t want to think that lockdown around the world is affecting you too o. And I hope you’ve been able to travel wide in your imagination!

“The rich and poor aren’t supposed to dwell in the same environment. The rich should live on the island while the poor should remain in the slums.” Mr and Mrs Wealth, I’ll be glad to hear it now that your money can buy you a new life when death comes calling.

“I can’t get the best treatment in Nigeria due to poor health facilities. One can only get the best treatment abroad, so let me visit the states.” I hope the isolation centre is treating you well?

Can you hear the voices of the masses? Crying out loud to the government to ease the lockdown for them to be able to fend for themselves! “No, I can’t ease the lockdown! The country needs more money to fight this pandemic.” But the number of victims keep increasing despite citizens staying indoor.

We’ll provide palliative and relief packages to the citizens of Nigeria. “Let me be in charge of disturbing the palliative.” But now your storehouses are filled up to the brim with money and the food items meant for the vulnerable and needy.

This dangerous outbreak of a deadly virus brought lockdown and that bred robbery, embezzlement, one million boys and all manner of crimes.

See a young lad being disgraced for breaking into his neighbour’s home and begging for mercy from his tormentors. He didn’t want to be killed but he can rob another. Sorry Mr Thief, bear the pains. But where was your sense when you decided to steal instead of beg? Now you plead for your release and they’ve turned deaf ears. Just look at yourself, you’ve been beaten with all manner of weapons and now you’re bleeding to death and your body is in a bad shape. In your next life, please don’t rob the poor ones just carry yourself to Government Reserved Area and steal from them.

“The North is the poorest of the poor.” Oh really? “So let’s give out money to sustain them during this lockdown.” Mr Analyst, please can I ask you just one question? “Yes?” What do you call the citizens in other regions of the country? The richest of the rich? Oh please lock that up in the past! We are all suffering!

“I see a great disaster ahead in this new year. Ghen! The seer geng! “The Lord is angry at the world so he wants to end it on this particular day!” Ahhhhhhh! Why nah? Are you Jesus’ Deputy?

“The world is upside down due to this pandemic, accept him now or never.” Preacher, please I hope the Lord had showed you the day this deadly virus will leave the world?

“I can’t do without paying tithe.” One question for you too, what has your pastor donated to your family during this lockdown? Please tell me he has used your money to buy relief packages for the members and you benefitted too, or he used it to sustain his own family.

“I must attend Jumat service to listen to the words of the Alfa.” Please start praying in your houses.

“I can’t do without attending Sunday service.” Sunday Sunday geng!

Listen! Listen! I am not trying to criticize anyone! What you don’t know is that church is YOU!

Who says the world won’t come to an end someday? Come I have something for you too. Come to think of it, if the world can be under tension just because of a virus, imagine how everything would be when rapture takes place.

This is the time to turn to your God. Quit putting your trust in a pastor or an alfa! Have a quiet time with Him and get to know him better in these trying times!

It is not about going to church or mosque, neither is it about praying till you run out of sweat and your voice is cracked. It is about you! Yes, you! Your heart means a lot to him; same goes to your body and soul.

And in the end, God knows his beloved and those who serves him wholeheartedly.

This pandemic is a great lesson. That money you think can buy you the whole world will fail you at some point. It won’t be able to bribe death when it comes calling. It won’t buy you another life.

Coronavirus has made both the rich and poor realize that life is all about VANITY UPON VANITY.

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