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Station 12

It used to be Station Wilbur not until the local tabloid called it Station 12 and the name stuck. For years, everyone called the train station where about 12 deaths had mysteriously taken place, the weird name: Station 12.

Apart from the fact that station Wilbur’s name was changed to station 12, people also stopped patronizing the station. Soon the station died down. All the workers left, Pa Wilbur had to close it and the station became a ghost station, a shadow of its former self. It is rumoured that at night when someone walks through the station’s route, you could hear voices vibrating in the dark station.

As for Old Wilbur, he died six months after the station closed down.

The station had been in his family before he was born. Ironically, his great grandpa, Liu Wilbur had been the first to drive a train into the town, that was after the government signed his proposal and agreed to set up a train service.

For five years, Liu took charge of the station not until more young men took interest in the job, trained and got recruited.

For many years, the train business boomed and that attracted the government who came and took the contract away from Liu. Lucky him, he had saved a lot of money and bought himself four trains and started his own business. That was how Station Wilbur came. Today, the station had about 15 trains. Now everything was gone.

Poor old Wilbur’s heart could not take it. He suffered from schizophrenia for four months before his heart failed, he was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support.

Towards the end of his days at the hospital, people swore they heard him whispering and talking alone in his room but when they came into the room, the noise died down. It was frightening because he was on life support and could not talk with oxygen. For several nights, the midnight conversation continued until the day he died.

A month after Wilbur died, everything seemed to change forever. People began to disappear and their bodies wound up at Station 12. They were found either sitting or standing and staring into space. The expression on their faces was a mirror of horror and fear with their mouths wide open from whatever shock they may have felt.

About five deaths have been recorded since two months following Wibur’s death.

The people who had died in the place seems to have been drawn to the station by a force. It was a sort of force they could not resist. It was as if the station was calling out to them.
Few of the people who escaped the mysterious calling had claimed to have heard Pa Wilbur’s voice calling them to enter the train. The more the death toll rose, people were advised to stop taking that route.

Five months later, the government sealed up the place. Pa Wilbur’s trains were hauled out of town quite alright but the men who did the work never lived to tell the story. Six of them had suffered from schizophrenia for four months and died on life support a month later. Just like Pa Wilbur, the nurses claimed to have heard them talking to someone in their wards but when they enter, they will meet no one but the men on life support.

After they died, the deaths stopped, maybe because Station 12’s trains had been removed from the town. No one could really tell, but there were still rumours that at night when you passed through that route that Station 12 had once existed, you could still hear Pa Wilbur calling your name, asking you to get aboard.

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