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Thought I finally got it
Ever since, I was lost and confused
Thought I found it
Found the other half and finally got fused
Now I feel used
Used and cruised
Totally bruised
Bittered and abused,

It was all a prank, some silly game
How’d you feel if I did you the same?
I’m the joke. It’s completely lame
Thought her a noble dame
She can’t even recall my name
I’ve been put to shame
My heart she planned to maim
I regret she ever came,

My flirting days were over
I always remained sober
I was devoted like a soldier
No longer the Casanova
Thought my heart was yours to foster
But you flipped my life over
Set me on an emotional roller-coaster
On a daily like it’s on your roster,

Now, the mist is gone
Spent some time under the sun
I’m sane now, it’s all forlorn
My heart used to be heavy, about a ton
Emotions are now for fun
Sweet sweet words, all with pun
Emotional attachments I will shun
I’m now lovelorn.

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