Friendly Foe

The beauty of darkness shone on my face
Making me see clearly in my blind state
Oh! How blind could I be
Not to see the foe-faking-friend rogue
Who made me laugh-cry out my heart
Before I could realize
How doomed I was

This ferocious friendly foe
Took me to the land of imagination
Made me a king of assumption
Only to make me a slave of reality

He made me a foundation in the atmosphere
Made me sketch a life full of fun fair
I built my castle in the air
Oh! This is not fair

Yes, he has no fear
For he knows I’m limited
No power or prowess
Even I rely on his sense

He set me in to motion
With no friction
Increaseing the acceleration
So I head into collision

What friend he is
Exposing a friend to free end
Making me result to flee end
I never knew a foe could be so friendly.

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