“Quintuplets” — A Poem by Okoli Glory Onyinyechi

I’m God’s creature.
God’s blessings locate me.
Plant am I.
Pregnant with quintuplets,
blessings of the womb.

The gifts of God to me,
Are numerous.
Admire my pregnancy,
be happy with me
Pray for my safe delivery.

My owner planned to kill me,
When I was battling with life
because of malnutrition.
He planted me,
without nurturing me.

Unstable on the land I was,
Battling to stand erect
In all circumstances,
I was fighting and struggling
to make my owner proud.

Thanks to my owner’s neighbor
Who shouted to him
“Stop it! don’t cut it off,
It suffers only malnutrition,
Which was your own fault.”

Glory to my creator
who made my owner
heed the voice of his neighbor
after three years of
Instability and unfruitfulness.

My owner learnt a lesson,
Full of patience and endurance.
He corrected his mistakes,
Renewed his caring attitude.
The creator has now replaced our wasted years.

Hope, hope, my admires,
Never lose hope in waiting,
Or your battles with life.
The blessings of the quintuplets
awaits you in life.

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