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Rape: Dead and Alive

I asked if it’s fate?
I asked who should be blamed?
Maybe because I’m a girl
Or you, a heartless being?
Does my soul actually deserved this pain?

I have to live with countless thoughts and blames.

Many survived , now live in grief and fear
I pray you heal from wounds you never deserved.
I had always wished to make memories
Look how your immorality took my dignity to shame.

Now I’m a lifetime victim with endless thoughts and blames.

I wanted to live
I wanted to fulfil my dreams
I wanted to reach for the sky and touch the stars
I wanted to shine and bring my loved ones light
But now I’ve left them in deep big sorrow.

I go to the grave with a million thoughts and blames.

Now I go to the to grave with a million thoughts and blames.

Watch the spoken word performance of this poem:

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