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Milk and Chocolate Candy

I heard you breathe so soft and slowly,
Just like you breathed your last
Whenever we melt together
Like a candy milk on a sunny afternoon,
Let me be the death of yours
As you stay rolled in my muscular arms,
I’ll paint the base of your back red,
And mute your verbal strength,
Making you moan as I kiss the tip of your chest.
You’re the definition of a good chocolate sweet

On my tongue whenever I carve an erotic cliché on your lips,
Let’s make love in the kitchen,
As I stab you front and back,
Making you bleed like a fresh chicken,
Get roasted like a Chinese stewed duck.

Let’s roll away again in the field of multi colour,
Tattoo lines of love notes on your milky skin—
Let’s burn together in the den of pleasure,
Emitting sweet sensations of love off my chocolate skin.

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