Prose Poetry

“The Needed Adventure (TNA)” — Prose Poetry by Alabi Tosin

A gloomy path undressed by an unbending desire to find the “yes” of yesteryear’s “nos” that became today’s “norms,” feeding our good desires with “worms” and turning our safe abode to an undesired “slum”.

“Slum” is what is left of our “asylum,” but our heart were gummed with realities, truth which sums all divides and subtracts;

Divides and subtracts that were worn like garment by the fathers
—garments that served and still serves as a disintegrant of our yesteryears reality.

We at least, owe that to ourselves to find ourselves, rather than whom we’ve come to accept.

To access, redress, reset the preset, set the precept, prevent the excess of prefects from onset.

This a journey to the onset, to search out the original settings. Who we once and really were,
and who we’ll and can become.

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