And You Came

Dipped in the plight of the heart
walking on a summer day on rail
Not seen, dwell in the Calvary of love
Healing wish of a horse on rode
Oceans still harken to the distraught
Of a lost soul in amuck
Waving its torrent in dismay
Deafening silence engulf mother nature

Down on the greasy green grass
Bubbling say while a time
Trailing move the crooky path of aloneness

Bright shone a ray of hope
A squirrel move to forward
Amused for the dawn of life
Sent to comfort the troubled soul
Leading me by my stride not
Softening me heart with the tender touch
Weariness weared away
Life besought mother nature
Silent noises of the birds of the air
Charming sight of the woods alive
Trailing now the way of straightened path.

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