The Earth Bleeds

We live in a world
Where we care solely for our abode
Mother earth is suffering
No one cares than living
We brought our own doom
From the comfort of our room

Our rain acidified
Waters unpurified
Mother Earth is weeping
Her children are merrying
Little do they know
The extinct they are about to go

The icebergs are melting
As the ozone keeps depleting
Aqua life is in danger
As we lie in slumber
Let’s guide the future now
Or we all moan as we drown

Sooner the earth will bleed
And none will be alive to plead
The future is now
We protect it or drown.

“Nature bears long with those who wrong her. She is patient under abuse. But when time of reckoning comes, she is equally slow to be appeased and to turn away her wrath.” — Nathaniel H. Egleston (1882)

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