Sad World

Oh, the agonies of a sad world!
Searing deep, rising to the surface like a mould,
Bitterness and unforgiveness, competing side by side,
Opposition charging as a frightening tide.

Alas, how can these hearts be mended?
With little compassion, the toils could have ended,
All the hate, thriving on a higher level,
Such that I can only just marvel.

Ironic, how it all started with a smile!
Promises heaped on fragile hearts to go the extra mile,
Referred to as love, shallow as a pool,
Only returning to take a mighty pull.

Finally, the truth always rears up its head,
On shaky grounds and sentiments, do not be led,
Release your heart from the sting of evil,
Surely I promise, recompense shall come even.

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