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Dread, Hope and Love

Nights like this when the sun is too bright
I drift with the tides of my mind
“Are we still us or just x? ”
I am deep-pressed
I need some deep rest

I am not heartbroken, she only left with a part of my heart
How it quakes seeing her with another man
Oh! My half heart trying to call itself over
Feelings bottled up have cracked open,
getting me high on emotions

I agreed to be nothing with you, cos only nothing lasts forever.
Now you make me weep, but weeping lasts for a night.
Melodies of your memories used to be my favorite song
Now I can only listen to my broken heartbeat

Too sweet what we shared—
Now too bitter to be heard
Maybe cos love is blind, that’s why I want to go blind seeing you with him?
I am scared of my scarred mind.
Only a strong she can fix this

Who would share her heart with me?
Who would make me smile to sleep?
I wish to wait for you—a strong you.
Come closer, you might hear my heartbeat from a distance
Maybe my heart will heal
And let our beats sync into the perfect music
And we dance to it—oblivious to the world.

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