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I Need Light

I simply asked for a hand,
I knocked at their door,
I called, I texted them,
I wrote them a note,
I sent a signal,

I struggled, looking for light,
I stumbled along the rocky grounds,
Fast fell the even tide,
The darkness deepened,
So much chaos in my mind.

I wrote of my death wish,
“When I die”
But they all marveled at my prowess in writing,
Of how my bleeding pen leaves traces so clear,
They said it’s just poetry,
I tried to silently scream that my world was breaking.

See, away from the crowd I stood,
Was scared but who would believe,
My smile was their assurance that all was well,
They saw me stand and concluded I was strong,
But couldn’t they see I was standing on broken glasses?

My nights were nightmares and my days hell,
I was broken inside and damaged,
My petals had already dried,
But they all rejoiced at the blooming sight,
Endurance, perseverance
I couldn’t face my demons.

I have to admit, it hurt to breathe,
I couldn’t assign meaning,
Healing, forgiveness,
I needed light,
I needed a hand.

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