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Lust Mistaken for Love

“Excuse me, do I know you?” he inquired, his white sneakers matched with his white T-shirt, one could easily sight the sprouting beards on his fair, round face.

He flashed his seductive eyes towards Halima, she smiled and said, “I am afraid no.”

She carefully unlocked her black E350 Mercedes Benz and adjusted her curvy butts on the driver’s seat. Ali was finally tempted with her figure 8. So he held the door before she closed it.

“Can you spare me a listening ear?”

“Go ahead young man.”

He started, “I know you know that I’m just bluffing when I asked whether I knew you from you somewhere. I am just trying to get your attention. I won’t prolong this—I love you. And yes I mean love at first sight.”

She let out a grin, exposing her whitish well-arranged teeth. “Well isn’t it too fast?” she asked, deep down in her mind, she was craving for this guy; his physique was superb, and she could feel herself getting wet at the sight of his broad shoulders and chest.

“No, it isn’t fast. Just give me your digits and I’ll call you.”

“Well here you go, +234809657…”

“Drive safely, girl!” he screamed as she started the car and zoomed off.

They chatted all night long, to the extent of sharing nudes and discussed how they would meet the next day.

His apartment was neat, and one could smell the cologne from his body filling up the whole air. She arrived and was welcomed with a French kiss, and throwing everything at the entrance, he munched her like a homeless dude with a burger. They spent the whole day not making love but fucking.

The next day, the conversation began to get boring; they literally did not have anything to say or discuss about expect for the hi and hello.

Days passed, they turned out to be status viewers.

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