May 29, 2020 Ebunoluwa Ademide 0

In a village popularly known as Ewedogbon, there lived a young maiden named Ewatomi. She was the only child of famous Ayanwale, the drum maker. Ewatomi was a beautiful lady [Read more… ]


May 23, 2020 Ebunoluwa Ademide 0

Finally Alpha King Sky found his mate. He ought to be happy right? Yes! But Alpha King Sky couldn’t bring himself to accept his mate. Why? His mate turned out [Read more… ]


May 21, 2020 IJ OnyinyeChi 0

I envy LucyAnne because, you see, she is LucyAnne. She is all shades of awesome. I know she is not perfect—I have not yet found someone who is—but she is [Read more… ]

Eye Contact

May 14, 2020 Adeola Oke 0

Last week Sunday, I woke up very early as usual. I did my devotion, fixed the house chores, and of course breakfast. I had already prepared the cloth I was [Read more… ]


May 11, 2020 Adeola Oke 0

Omo Labake Asake, just as her mother fondly calls her. She was the most beautiful lady in Ayegbon village. She was in her early twenties. Labake had the most beautiful [Read more… ]

Love Lies

May 10, 2020 Nice Mwaura 0

Knock! Knock! Knock! Cine Harris took a deep breath one more time before trying the lock of Ken Lutheran’s apartment. Just then, the door opened. Of course, he would be [Read more… ]

The Handcuff

May 1, 2020 Vikjtaar 0

I sat opposite the faculty, under the shade of trees, enjoying the evening breeze and revising. I’ve always liked the ones who approached me. We started dating in our second [Read more… ]

Free Bird

April 30, 2020 Michael Chineme Ike 0

“Hello.” I didn’t respond. “Hello, Laura?” His voice was louder on the phone this time. “Hello.” My voice was hesitant, like I was forced to answer the call. “How are [Read more… ]