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Hello sir,
Your documents please,
Wow, such an amazing CV,
And you said twenty years of experience?
That’s what my company would need,
But I got a few other questions:
Do you recognize my face?
Or do broken faces look different?
Would you mind to know my mother,
Or can you remember your campus girlfriend?
Do you mind telling me part of your story,
Apart from the fact that you are the guy that broke her into pieces?
Left her desolate and unwanted,
Denied the seed that grew in her belly,
For the power of what was below the belt,
Put a pause to a dream in process,
An end of her education
Tell me, how did it feel,
When you kicked her off your massionate,
And being three years of age?
Did you think I would forget the pain,
The feeling that cut through my veins,
The fact that I came to the world as a reject,
And the assumption my father was at the cemetery,
And in those twenty years that gave you working experience?
Are the same years I struggled to get a life,
Now seated as the CEO of the company
There’s you seated as a job seeker,
Do you think you would deserve this job?
After all the insults even before I saw the sun,
When its rays burnt you at Diani,
The same rays burnt me at the streets,
Puting away the certificates of excellence,
Do you have a certificate of humanity?
I know you urgently need this job,
You got kids you want to keep in school,
And a family to win the bread for,
But they are the reason I lived my life in the streets?
It wouldn’t hurt to see them suffer—I love equality,
So close the door behind you..
Get back to the streets I grew from,
Because life is a dice…
And that is why I am Nice!

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