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Not All Byes Are Good

You should’ve passed by
When I asked how you were doing
But you replied, “Good.”
And I asked what name you go by
“Hannah,” you said.

You became my undoing
Tore me apart and
Loosed the knots in
The deepest parts of me.
We went too fast
And you drove me nuts.

Now as you turn to leave
I find it hard to believe
That you’ll turn the doorknob
And feel relief
And not have your heart throb
And not sob.

I find it hard to understand
Why you let go of my hand,
Grabbed your bag,
Said your byes
And turned your back,
Without looking back
—not even once.

I guess we were just a rush
A quickie in the cold
A fast-food—quick relief
From hunger.
We couldn’t have lasted
Any longer. We were
Just a knee-jerk reaction.
But still, not all byes are good.

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