Country Hard

For we country
People dey hungry
Even with the hunger, we still dey hustle
This hustle na with bustle
To fit see chop money
Instead we meet agony
Our government get nob
But nob no bring job
So we guys go Libya as strugglers
But dem jam smugglers

Country na like jungle
After all the hustle
We no go see light
Instead na fight we go meet
We youth go school
But strike make them old school
Na survive we wan survive
So we gats to thrive
Even though say e no easy
We believe say e go breezy.

Night don come
Tomorrow go still come
Still bustle no pay hustle
God, when you go bless my hustle?
Because me don tire
Na money me wan acquire
Make mama fit happy
Because the woman dey unhappy.
Me too warn born pikin
But country hardship go burn napkin.

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  1. This is different to your usual…. Wonderful 😊
    I like the Pidgin flow and firm hold on rhythm. You used some figures of speech… Good.

    The punctuation was off. “It is better not to use it at all than misuse it” work on that…

  2. Baby love. I said it before and I will say it again, I am proud of the lady you’ve grown into. Soon the world will know your name and hear your voice. I love your write up. Country hard. Keep it up and shine sweetie pie.

  3. I have always know you to be intelligent Sophia, but you never accept to be… My problem with you is why
    U have refused to post these beauties on Facebook? You have a talent baby, make it known to the world…. Who ever has this site, pls do well to advice this writer.. Anyways Country Hard is beautiful. Nigeria in three paragraphs.

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