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The Role of Gender Equality in the Socio-economic Development of a Society

The question is: can there be gender equality in the society?

Gender equality simply means equal rights irrespective of sexes, but as defined by Wikipedia, it is the state of equal ease of access to resources or opportunities, regardless of gender, including economic participation, decision making and state of valuing different behavior and needs equally regardless of gender. The sex of a child should not play a role rather the capability of that child should play instead.

In a society where gender equality is being appreciated, such a society gains an edge over a society the other.
As a child growing up Southwestern part of Nigeria and living in a community were majority were Hausas, I grew to see gender inequality at its peak within these people. The head of the family has a hut where he calls in and usually has breakfast with his male children, have have serious discussions with them over breakfast while the female children remain or run around with their mothers in the kitchen, doing the domestic chores and getting them prepared to be married off within the ages of 13-18 years.

Gender equality will pose a great development socio-economically if practically enhanced, if these are considered:

  • Right to be educated: every gender should be given her right to education irrespective of sex.
  • Right to work: responsibilities should be shared equally i.e. making any one capable the head of an establishment, and even the rights to showcase their capability even in politics with the say that her compassion to work will bring out a laudable results?
  • Payment and right to choose a profession of choice irrespective.

If these are being practiced, growth and development of such a society is assured.

History has it that society where rights are shared equally and giving the female counterpart an important role to play on the society’s socioeconomic development has an increased GDP (gross domestic product). Such a society would have an increased socio- economic, indicating an increased GDP, literacy, high level of employment, and some other though less considered factors like personal dignity, freedom of association, personal safety, and also economic impact and new technologies.

If gender equality is practiced, its role in moulding and giving birth to a society that would harbor individual with high self esteem, increased literacy level and a decreased rate in the numbers of illiterate and this will reduce crime rate in the society.

In conclusion, gender equality should be brought to desk and sure practiced. Yes! Let everyone be given an equal civic rights and equality in all ramifications and if this is being done, a society independency, growth and a sky rocketing economy will be given birth to.

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