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“Ferrari” — A Short Story by Psychic

“Hi babe, I have a surprise for you, close your eyes,” Wilson said as he took me by the hand and smiled sweetly. He closed my eyes with one hand and used the other one he held to guide me so I won’t fall.

“Ta da, you can open them now,” he said as I opened my eyes to see a red tear rubber Ferrari before me.

In excitement I screamed, “You bought me a Ferrari, darling?” I embraced him. We’d just had a fight and Wilson was the kind of boyfriend that makes up with gifts. He has always been wealthy—from having a politician as a father, to being the CEO of a multi national company, wealth was never his problem.

“No, Rita. This car is for me. I’d be stupid to buy you a Ferrari, it’s too fast. I don’t want to lose you.”

“Wow, so we had a fight and you went ahead to treat yourself?”

“Come on babe, you can’t be serious.I thought you’d be happy for me?”

“You’re right, I’m sorry” I said as I kissed him and he kissed back.

Lately, I and Wilson had been in series of fights; after two years together you’d expect we would be at least engaged but we were not. I think he’s cheating on me and I think I’m losing my feelings for him. He got busier after starting up his own life assurance business. You’d be shocked by the number of wealthy old people who had been trying to register under the Wilson Assurance Company (WACO); maybe because of the 2020 pandemic, you never know what other tragic event might spring up.

Two days later…

“Where have you been Wilson? Ever since you got that stupid car, you’ve been busier and out of reach!” I yelled

“I knew it, you are jealous,” he screamed, “why can’t you be happy for me, Lauretta?” I could sniff the alcohol in his breath. He was wasted, he never called me by my full name unless…

“Who were you with? You did it again. You slept with another woman, you promised me, Will, you promised!” I could feel the tears drop on my cheeks; after Jane and Nadia and Margaret, I couldn’t take it anymore. He was drunk and he just cheated on me, while I was in the house all day doing the chores, and waiting for him to come back so we could at least talk. Instead he’d go out all day, party, get drunk and get laid.

“Joy, come on, I’m sorry.”

“Joy? Who’s joy?” I took a deep breath, trying to hold back my tears. I didn’t see a way out of this, I couldn’t even stand his presence right now. I needed to scream or hit something, I couldn’t hit him, he was too drunk but I wasn’t.

He walked to me, I turned away but he hugged me from behind and kept muttering apologies, I could smell him, the man I thought I was in love with, tears fell down my face but I just couldn’t resist his fragrance, I got completely wet. Call it hate or whatever but my next words were:

“Fuck me.”

For someone, who just had sex he didn’t even say anything, he just dropped my panties and pushed it in. He moved to and fro as I felt it grow inside of me. When he was finished, I wore my panties, and turned to look at him one last time


“I … I don’t understand,” he stuttered.

“You cheated on me, Will, this is the last straw, we are through.”

“Rita, but it was a mis—”

“Get out, I never want to see you again!” I screamed. Even the house couldn’t shield my growing anger. He had no choice, so he stepped back in shock, picked up his jacket and left. I watched from the window as he got into his Ferrari and drove off at high speed.

Twenty minutes later…

“Anna, I–I need you, please.” I couldn’t hold myself. I was shaking as the call ended. I stepped back a little and fell on my couch and started to sob. Why would Wilson do this to me, why? Two years, Will, two years!

I stood, walked up to my office space grabbed a bottle of tequila and was about to drown myself in it when I heard Anna call out.

“Rita? Rita?”

“I’m here,” I responded as I went downstairs to where Anna was, she ran to me and gave me one of her hugs.

“What’s wrong, why are you crying? Speak to me, Lauretta. What happened?”

“I killed him, Anna, I murde—”

“No, don’t say that, you didn’t do anything.”

Two minutes later…

We were in the living room, I was calm a bit, thanks to Anna. She always had a way with words, one that made us stay friends for five years now. We met in University of Lagos, she studied Economics and I studied International Relations. I was throwing a fist at Samuel that day and he almost hit me before she came to my rescue. Ever since then we’ve ceaselessly teased each other.

“So what are you going to do?” Anna asked me holding my palms

“I don’t know, Anna, I just want to be with you right now.” I looked up at her and she smiled. I remembered how we used to be very close before we drifted apart, majorly because she couldn’t stand seeing Wilson and I together.

“I’ve missed you,” she said as she kissed me on the lips. “I’m sor—” before she could apologise I kissed her back.

Six months later…

I was six months pregnant. Will was dead but a part of him still grows inside me, a part of him I’ll always love no matter what. I rubbed my stomach as Anna walked into the dining room where I was, she touched my stomach.

“In a few months, we’ll be mums to this cute little boy.”

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