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Awaiting Dreams

The night we met,
The night my heart skipped,
The night my breathe seized,
The night I longed for wishes,
The night I saw a beauty;

I ain’t Solomon,
I ain’t Shakespeare,
I ain’t Picasso,
A poet, a writer and an artist,
I became, just a night.

Let me behold the stars
If you live in the sky;
I’ll be a hunter if you choose the forest;
And brace you with new ears,
Such memories should stay forever.

I’ll prefer us in the sunny rain,
Glaring at the stars in the day,
Staring at the sun in the night
And drinking from the cup affection that comes in two,
Maybe we could be one.

If destiny betrays us,
I will convince fate
Maybe I should go to the future
And bribe our fortune
But nay! It’s impossible!

I’ll stay here forever,
Admiring you in my heart
Truly, I’ll rent my eulogy till you come
Maybe I should make more wishes
I believe you’ll be mine tomorrow.

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