The Escapist

He feels a different level of pain,
He’s an enemy of the society.
Socialising never brings him joy,
No amount of friends bring true happiness.

Countlessly he’s been misunderstood,
His actions taken the wrong way.
Defenseless against accusations sometimes he cried,
I am he, I have felt and I feel his pain.

I am an enemy of the society,
My mind is a loaded rifle.
A dangerous weapon for defense or destruction
Against society, my only protection.

I turn to writing, my only true friend
To escape the pains of this world.
Like a mad author, I write,
Pouring out my feelings in black and white.

With my mind I tirelessly shoot at writing,
My Friend never gets tired of my complains.
Writing will never hurt my feelings
Instead it brings an ecstatic feeling.

I am always an escapist,
Seeking refuge in pen and paper.
I am an addicted writer
Revealing my mind in black and white.

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