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The Untold Feelings

How uncertain the heart pounds,
With the looks on your face, I could not help but draw close.
Your presence comes with this glorious feeling,
When you speak I could feel the delight of your emotions to it,
You look me in the eyes like your lips were about to fall from your mouth,
I could sense your heart beat from afar without you informing your present.

There are times you wanted to hold on to my face but could not help but let go,
There are time you wanted me to talk you to sleep but end up day… never mind

You watch me put, the wrapper on you while sleeping, which you eventually got used to even to my footsteps,
You enjoy and laugh at my foolish moments spent with you.
You couldn’t help but smile when my cloth went up in the sight of my skin,
You never told me what you felt when you slept beside me that morning, watching what my next action would be like in my clumsy way of sleeping with my hands and legs moving in different directions heading towards you.
Until you heard the knock on the door that made you leave the room to the sitting room, then I felt our UNTOLD FEELINGS… because you already had someone else.

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