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Another Chance!

You stood at the other end of your father’s elegant sitting room, opposite the large plasma television, staring at your brother, in amazement, as he wailed over your still body. You couldn’t believe your eyes.

Your mum was rolling on the floor in tears as her wrapper loosened from her waist. Your two younger siblings nudged your body incessantly, in tears, calling on you to come back to them. But, you were too dazzled by your brother’s dramatic display to notice any other member of your family. Your dad had been called home from a friend’s house but hadn’t arrived at that stound. You were less interested in the tears and wails of the crowd that stuffed your house for condolences.

You were clad with confusion and emotions, though you wondered if ghosts do have emotions. The same brother that had always bullied you and made light of all your efforts to get along with him by reporting all your silly behaviors to your parents. You never knew he could cry, much less for you. Then your eyes flicked from him to your helpless still body and to the tiny bottle of ọtpịapịa which you had gulped few hours back.

You felt a surge of regret gripping your heart, the desire to go back, having realized that the family that you thought didn’t value you, loves you more than anything, girt your courage.

Suddenly, your father walked in. As he sighted your lifeless body, he collapsed to the ground in tears. You wanted to walk up to him to console him, but you couldn’t; of course, you were a ghost. He called you many sweet names.

“Ada m, Adanneya! Adannaya! My princess! Ada Oguejiofor! The first female seed of my manhood! Daddy is here. Please open your eyes and tell me, ‘All is well.’.”

When you were nursing the thought of committing suicide, you never considered him. You loved him so much. At least, he was the only one that understood you and made you feel better each time you are down.

“Adannaya, you are the strongest lady I’ve ever known. Most times, I feel proud to say that you are stronger and braver than your mother.” Those words made you flush each time he said them.

Then, you realized that you thought less of every other person around you. You were selfish, so blind to see how much they valued and cherished you.
Your brother had scolded you several times out of love but you called it “bullying” and despised him for that.
Your mother had querried your movements and actions and scolded you several times for being silly but you said she was too protective. They all did that out of love which you were too unworthy to bequest. Your mum had failed to come back home on time, severally, owing to the nature of her job. She became the breadwinner of your family after your dad lost his job three years back. But you said she wasn’t caring, therefore she did not deserve to be called a mother.

But then, you wished to take back those words, notions and beliefs against your family. You were ready to make amends and become a good daughter.

You took a step out of the dark corner which you’d lurked yourself for nearly one hour, observing the scenario. Just then, a voice called out to you and said, “Your time is up! It’s time to take you to the place of judgement.”

You had forgotten so soon that you were with another paranormal figure who had been waiting patiently for you to say your last goodbye to your family, though it was insignificant to them.

You turned to gaze at him and surprisingly, though to yourself, some tears escaped your eyes. “One more chance! Just one more chance! I beg of you, allow me to go back to my family and make amends,” you pleaded earnestly.

But the huge gigantic figure which lurked in thicker darkness than the one you’d been awhile, laughed disdainfully at you and said, “You never thought of a second chance when you ingested that poison. Well, I’m sorry, lady. This is my duty and I’m very loyal to first calls unless my master commands otherwise. By the way, I’ve not introduced myself to you. I’m the popularly known Mr. Death. You called me, so, I came. There is no going back. I can’t relent now because it’s in my nature to be loyal to first calls.” He burst into another bout of scornful laughter after he said those words to you. Before you could say any more words, he grabbed your hands with his cold palms and you vanished with him to a place of no return.

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