The Pact

They came on their knees begging
The swore to liberate us from poverty
The promised us change
But now, we are in chains

I remember that man in the news
Who we had pact with
To redeem us from our grief
Now, the gods of our land
Once a slave to this nation
But have turned us to slaves

He once fought for our love
He won our trust
We voted him in
To save us from hunger
We made him our hero
To be our mirror
And to defend us from terror

The pact is broken
The seed of truth is dried
For lies have overwhelmed our land
Broken promises ate up our hopes
And we are left with nothing
Than to fend for ourselves

Human hearts have forgotten
The needs of good leadership
Which we swore to our forefathers
Now engulfed with corruption
As we seek to fill our pockets
And nothing to give to the poor

The pact is broken
Our dreams are scattered
We are left with nothing
From hero to zero
Our failures rubbed in our faces
We die in wants
And sob for our needs

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