Just the Two of Us

Come, fly away with me,
to the farthest ends of the earth.
Come, let’s hover in the sky,
above the things that held you back.
Come, fly across the mountains with me,
to heights no one can dare to stop us.

Just the two of us,
to exotic places you’ve never seen.
Just the two of us,
back and forth the heart of earth’s beauty.
Just the two of us,
to a perfect spot where we’ll watch the earth like a cinema.

The oceans await our wild adventure.
The stalactites hope to see our shadows in its spikes.
The sequoia craves our presence in her shades.
For when they heard it was just two us,
everything was set to make us happy.

Oh, comely adventuress,
your heart is my compass
to lead me to an enchanted fortress
where I’ll be massaged and caressed
after a tour of fun and stress.

Coming back from a relishing tour
with our checklists all met,
then shall the two of us
board a yacht of our dreams
to relax and revamp our hearts
till all we have is home in sight.

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