That Teary Night

That was how I struggled last night, on bed with IT as my fist grasped the edges of my ever-cosy bed, which then seemed rather terrible.
I lost control of myself and I kept trembling fearfully.
It was such a disgusting experience.

What was my mistake?
How was I going to stop IT from constantly tearing my loins apart?
Was that going to be my last night?
Would that ever stop?

Scary thoughts raced through every nerve cell in my body as I could no longer feel my legs.
It was so intense that my whole body swelled horribly.

They had earlier warned me but I paid deaf ears. My skin tingled at the slightest touch. Was it case sensitive?
The more I try to resist the pull, the stronger my cells shook vigorously.

Ah! This experience will never happen again!
I have learnt my lessons now.
My doors will be constantly shut.
There will be no entrance through the window too!

Malaria can be very deadly!

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