#TheMatters Arising

How shall we narrate this real fiction,
Or tell the story from the teller?
How do we oppose this fictional motion
When everyone suddenly became a debater?

Where is global sanity where the sanity of the globe is insane?
A globe of seven billion watts of vanity —
All that is, are that which are not in sane.

Today, madness is the topic,
Tomorrow, the topic is madness.
This world of ours is epic,
The sphere of relevance in nonsense.

All that kill are not that which are killable,
But all killables kill ables.
When our time settles matters which are disabled,
We die gradually. So many on these tables.

Vanity is the coat of arm,
We pledged to Nigeria our country,
But to be fateful, lower and insane.
Insanity We Trust!

If the people are mad,
Arisen matters holds their sanity.

Flourish Joshua
[email protected]

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