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My Daughter

My daughter,
Life hasn’t been a red carpet event for me
It been a sail on a river
Full of powerful rapids
That drowned me in the cold waters of failure
Waves of problems;
as I overcame one, a long series flowed.

My daughter,
Life hasn’t been a walk in paradise
It has been a walk in the jungle
Full of splinters
Snakes, lions, all yearning to get a bit of me
Endless falls as if success wasn’t meant to be mine

My daughter,
You came through me but you don’t belong to me
Time has come for us to be drawn apart
For you to write your own edition
But never let go of loyalty and faithfulness
Tie them around your neck like a necklace
Never forget who gave you the wings
Whenever you start flying
Life at some point will be against you
And that’s how it’s supposed to be
But always be prepared like the scouts

©Aydah Nabakka and Godswill

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