Oh culture!
Its beautiful colors
Different languages
And amazing tribes.

The simplicity of nature
Workings of the ancient
Generations trending path,
An existence with no end.

More than a way of life
A divine structure of living
Having an unexplainable bond
A love immeasurable.

Its strength is never lost,
It may fade with the ages
But its blood brings life to generations
It inhabits every cell and reflects outwards.

Running down the years as it depreciates
Looking as if it never existed
Seeing generations that know it not
Many more never thought of.

But no matter how much we try
Ancient ways are never lost
It’s a laid down mystery
Existing as a long time history.

Never forgotten
Never condemned
Our great historical lifestyle
My culture, my pride.

Its ways are written on our soul
Inscribed on our skin
Engraved in our DNA
And transfused into our hearts

TD Adams & Triumphink

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