Africa Birthed Me

I walked around the streets
Beholding the sights of black colored children
With air filled with the tasty smell of akara
The promising dust that flirted with me
The heavy sun that shown with fury
Reminded me of my root

Let’s bow to beauty’s reflection
Her accents brought pleasant noise to the ears
Or the radiants from her subjects complexion
All this seems inevitable
For the creator created well
This is Africa

Africa birthed me
Her sinful weather taught me to survive
Wildlife caressed her lands
She had treasures hidden under her arms
She had countries that filled her pace
And had mutual understanding with the world at large

Her cultures knew diversity
Her politics hid fairness
Her languages split tongues and measured words
Her education traded with caution
But this is Africa, my nature’s beginning
Our proverbs, a bridge not too many could cross

Africa gave me my face
I’m proud to be part of her race
Africa groomed me
And nurtured me to what is to be
I’m birthed in Africa.

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